Our goal at Home Realty is to get you the highest price possible, in a reasonable time, with the least amount of problems.

  • Pricing: A comprehensive study of your home, surroundings, neighborhood sales, and competing properties currently on the market is done in order to know the proper price for your home. We have access to almost every sale in your area via our computer network and will provide you all the information vital to starting you off on the right foot.
  • Marketing: WE DO IT ALL!! Exposure in the Puget Sound Multiple Listing Service assures you that every agent will know your home is for sale. Your Home Realty agent will help you pick a marketing strategy that can include: Open Houses, Classified Ads, Magazine Ads, Tours, Keyboxes, For Sale Signs, Luncheon Brokers Opens, including many pictures, both exterior and interior, of your home being advertised across the world wide web!!
  • Negotiation and Follow-through: Your agent will work to determine the best price for your home and be with you until closing...and beyond. Your agent will walk you through all the preliminaries such as appraisals, inspections, title searches, and other paperwork. Your agent will help you negotiate the best deal, help with lenders and financial paperwork, and lastly, be with you as your sale flows through escrow and you are on your way.

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